How to Apply for a Puppy?

That is right! With us, you don’t just pay money and pick up a puppy. Like with any responsible breeder there is a process.

1st step

This is the easy one! We encourage you to email ( or facebook message (Nixon Wrinkle Ranch) and ask for a Puppy Family Questionnaire. This is the first step in which you will be able to tell us all about you, your home, family, and activities. Then you just send it back to us. 

2nd step

We will review your questionnaire and reach out to you to further the discussion, or to talk about any questions either of us have. We may ask you to also send us photos of your home and outside area. Then we will send you a reservation agreement. Once your fee to reserve a puppy is paid, you will be added to our list of families waiting for pups. This confirms that you are committed to having one of our pups. 

3rd step

We will keep in contact with you to let you know when we are expecting a litter of puppies and to confirm you are still interested once a pregnancy is confirmed.

4th step

We all try to be patient and wait.....for that exciting 63rd day of pregnancy. Within a few days of the pups being born we will make contact with you, and send you pictures.We will schedule a date for you to come meet the pups at approx.... 6 weeks of age. Don’t worry- I am crazy for sending photos and keeping in touch with puppy people! If for some reason we do not have a pup that fits with your request (sex, color, etc) then you will remain at the top of our list for our next litter(s).

5th step

Once pups have had their trip to the Vets for first immunizations and are learning all those important social skills from their Mom, we will invite you to come join playtimes with the pups every weekend if you are able. - if your location does not allow for this, dont worry, we can facetime! 

6th step

You may wish to come again, again, and again to see the pups- which is fine and encouraged for new puppy parents. Our pups then go to their new families between 9-10 weeks of age.

7th and ongoing

Did you think you would be done with us then? Not a chance... we look forward to getting updates, photos of your pup as they mature and we are always here if you have questions or information to share. You are now Family to Nixon Wrinkle Ranch.

Please know that the reason for all these steps is to ensure that our pups are going to the best homes possible.