Nixon Wrinkle Ranch

Breeder of Chinese Shar Pei

Cooper Buoy (2021)

Cooper is continuing his CKC show career. Cooper is only shown in Ontario, and has already achieved so much. We like to brag about him being a 'local celebrity'. Cooper has an amazing temperament and personality. Cooper is a chocolate dilute. Coopers nickname at Nixon Wrinkle Ranch is "Buddy". Most often he can be located next to Sherrie's feet.  

Coopers registered name is:

BPISS MBBPIS MBPIS CH Gumby's flew the Cooper Buoy NTD

You may be asking what do all those letters mean, we know we did at the start. Here is a breakdown

BPISS- Best Puppy in Specialty Show

MBBPIS-Multiple Best Baby Puppy In Show

MBPIS- Multiple Best Puppy in Show

NTD- Novice trick Dog



Remi (2022)

Remi shows great potential for being a stud dog with Nixon Wrinkle Ranch. We hope to use him as a future sire in 2022. Currently Remi is a great CKC show dog and is always taking on new adventures!


Introducing Reign!

Hold on....He is going to reign the ring, we like to say! In the Fall of 2021 we had the opportumity to co-own Reign with Breeders/Handler Rhonda Holloway and John Kolodziej of Periwrinkles Shar Pei. John and Rhonda knew there was something special about Reign. He has made a great addition to our Pack and will be used for a stud when the time is right. Reign is a burst of energy and likes to be busy. His nickname, "Little man" came quickly and he lives up to it. He is very smart and likes it best when he can hang out with Sherrie and learn new things with the bonus of treats!

Watch for Reign at upcoming dog shows!

At Nixon Wrinkle Ranch we have also been blessed to work with other amazing breeders who also strive to better the breed, and provide us with appropriate stud services.